AD | This post features a brand that I have collaborated with.

Nothing could get me more excited for an upcoming trip than planning the sights that I want to see and packing my holiday case. Thanks to Ellis James Designs, I am looking forward to my next trip even more…

When it comes to packing, I used to not know where to start and I would begin packing for my trips many days in advance. But from travelling more over the past years, I have learnt what my travel essentials are, and I have an abundance of holiday packing tips.


This has made me more of a last-minute packer now and I no longer feel lost when it comes to knowing what to pack. Now that I have a much better idea about what I need to pack and the packing space that I have for trips, it means that I can now look out for travel accessories and products that fit with my travel lifestyle.

For both long and short trips, one thing that I can always improve on is the organisation and tidiness of my packing. And, with the new year here, I felt that now was a good time to find a new travel accessory that would help me get even more ready for upcoming travel adventures!

One aspect of my travel essentials (which never seem to stay organised!) is my make-up, hair styling products and toiletries. So, I decided to start by finding the organising gem that would help me keep each of these tidy and easy to find in my case.

After browsing for a product that would fit each of these essentials in, my packing dilemma has now been solved with the help of Ellis James Designs’ Large Cosmetic Organizer. Ellis James Designs’ is a brand that has created a range of bags and organizers that are designed to be suitable for travel.

My Large Cosmetic Organizer is the ideal size for long trips because it is roomy enough to fit in my straighteners as well as all the full size make up and toiletries products that I need. The bag is also in a sleek cream colour and will look so smart sat in my suitcase or in my hotel room!

The Large Cosmetic Organizer has got me looking forward to packing and I can’t wait to take it with me on my next trip. Ellis James Designs have a wonderful selection of bags in a variety of styles and sizes and make it easy to find an organiser that is compatible with your travel needs. The range also has products that can help with organizing your cosmetics when at home too (I think the Ellis James Designs’ Cream Tall Cosmetic Organizer would be perfect for keeping organized at home!).

You can visit Ellis James Designs’ website today to find the bag that will help you stay organised this year! I would love to hear if you have any organisation tips for travel, leave a comment below…



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